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Groupons: Do they really attract new patients?

Groupons: Do they really attract new patients? | Medical Marketing ChicagoCompanies such as Groupon and Living Social offer attractive daily deals on various products and services. These sites can serve as a strategic tool for the growth of your medical practice and generate a new patient base. To gain a new patient, you may have to offer a lower base price for your services.

However, if you provide outstanding quality and care, you can achieve patient loyalty for a lifetime, and create robust value for your practice in the long run. CreativeTake Medical can be your digital marketing partner to help promote your practice in a variety of innovative and effective ways.


Current Trends

Many practitioners worry whether Groupons will be an appropriate form of marketing for a healthcare provider, and whether there are legal and ethical implications of providing discount offers for healthcare. Doctors also want to know whether their peers in the industry are using Groupons already.

According to an NBC News report, about nine percent of all offers made on daily deal websites are for medical or dental treatments. These numbers are only growing further because of the success and popularity of Groupon and similar sites. Although some of the patients visiting through healthcare deals from Groupon would be uninsured individuals, who may only look for low-cost deals, but there are benefits of using Groupon too.

If the patients who visit through Groupon receive the same quality and standard of care even when they pay a low price, they are likely to be more grateful. They can become excellent brand ambassadors for your medical practice, spread positive word of mouth, and give five star ratings to your practice at Yelp and other online consumer rating forums.

Over a period of time, you will be able to build a strong online reputation and credibility based on positive reviews and ratings from new patients who visit you via Groupon. Groupon service also works ideally for major, one-time procedures, where it is usually more challenging to gain new patients without referrals.


Legal and Ethical Aspects

In some of the states, the laws may prohibit a fee-splitting arrangement for medical practices, which is an essential part of Groupon deals. For instance, New York statutes define the use of a daily deal site for soliciting patients as unprofessional conduct. On the ethical front, some doctors may feel that the excessive use of daily deal sites for the medical profession is trivializing and commoditizing the medical procedures.

However, the other view is that patients can benefit from lower costs through Groupon, particularly services that are not covered by insurance, such as cosmetic and dental procedures. Botox, dermal filler injections and major cosmetic surgery procedures can be received at more affordable costs through daily deal sites such as Groupon.


Things to Consider

Before offering your services through Groupon, check with an attorney to ensure that it is a legal offer. Furthermore, check whether any Medicare penalties may apply, though this is gray area. CreativeTake Medical can be your professional marketing guide and partner in your efforts at long-term brand building for your medical or dental practice. Services

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