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Guide to Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Guide to Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy | Palm DesertFacebook remains one of the most extensively used platforms by adults today. The vast majority are using Facebook on a daily basis, which continues to offer brands and enterprises with an opportunity for significant visibility when implementing a Facebook marketing plan. 

Getting started is often the most difficult part, but the following suggestions can help you kick start your Facebook marketing efforts. 


Develop Facebook Goals that Address Your Needs

Setting the right goals is the initial step to any marketing strategy. This can act as a roadmap, which is an important reference to measure against to ensure the Facebook strategy is effective. However, to set goals, you will need to conduct some research to make sure that your plan is achievable through the Facebook platform.

According to a 2018 study, marketers on Facebook had the following primary goals in mind:

  • 34 percent sought an increase in brand awareness
  • 21 percent sought an increase in community engagement
  • 11 percent sought an increase in sales and lead generation

For business owners who do not have Facebook goals of their own yet, these survey outcomes offer a great place to start. 


Addressing Business Goals

Following are certain common annual goals for enterprises and how an effective Facebook strategy can help accomplish these goals:

  • Enhancing the quality of sales: Better targeting is necessary for improving the quality of sales. A well-planned Facebook strategy can help business owners reach the target audiences in a more effective manner.
  • Adding more value to the business: Facebook can nurture customers in a more effective way, enhance awareness, and offer more resources to the target audiences. It is a good idea for businesses to make Facebook their go-to source of information.
  • More efficient hiring: While social recruiting is certainly not easy, it is becoming increasingly popular. It can be a significant source for increasing hiring initiatives and acquiring top talent faster. 
  • Smarter growth: Facebook can be helpful in areas such as limiting spend, decreasing churn, and increasing acquisition. Regardless of whether it is through ad spend, increasing targeting, or social selling, a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy can help achieve a business grow significantly. 


Familiarity with Facebook Demographics

When determining the Facebook marketing strategy for a business, it is important to understand who is on Facebook and what the current audience demographic looks like.

After understanding the above, it is vital to spend some time gaining familiarity with your own Facebook dynamics via Facebook Page Insights or another tool developed for this purpose. 


Engage without Waiting for you Audience to Interact First

Similar to other social media channels, Facebook has in-built networks to post, discuss, and share content. It is important as a brand to not forget the basic premise of a social media network. Therefore, conversation and engagement should always be at the forefront. 

It is important to try to be a community for the audience. Facebook is ideal for holding industry chats or discussions, whether with your own clients or a different audience.


Optimal Time to Post on Facebook

When it comes to organic content, Facebook is one of the most difficult social platforms to use. Algorithms make it hard for enterprises trying to identify the best posting times. But some guidelines on the optimal times to post on Facebook are as follows:

  • The highest recommended day to post is Wednesday.
  • The most engaged time on Facebook is between 11 am to 1 pm on Wednesday.
  • It is a good idea to post on weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm.
  • The least engaged day of the week is Sunday.
  • Least recommended posting times include early mornings and late nights.

The above suggestions can help you start planning your Facebook marketing strategy to grow your business exponentially. Services

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