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Plastic Surgery Marketing & Consulting | Online Marketing |Los AngelesPlastic surgery practices have proliferated in recent decades, leading to stiff competition in local markets. To achieve competitive advantage in such a challenging market environment, a plastic surgery practice can be benefit the most when it partners with a professional firm with dedicated experience in plastic surgery marketing and consulting.

CreativeTake Medical has been a leader in this area for nearly two decades, delivering proven and effective strategies for many independent plastic surgery practitioners across the country. CreativeTake’s key areas of expertise include website design, content marketing, and online reputation and brand building, and search engine optimization or SEO.


Online Marketing

For small or mid-sized private plastic surgery practice with one or two office locations, the most cost-effective and affordable tool of promotion can be online marketing. With almost every potential patient searching the Internet for local information on plastic surgery, online medical marketing can be the most potent way to reach out to these local patients, increase awareness about the practice, and create positive engagement with them.

Experienced online marketing professionals at CreativeTake will closely engage with the practice to understand their requirements, and offer vital tips, guidance and consultancy at every step. They will help the practice come up with a sound Internet marketing, website development and SEO plan to dramatically improve search visibility and rankings of the practice website and eventually increase the traffic at the practice office.


Outstanding Website Design and Content

The plastic surgery website can be the most powerful marketing and branding tool for the practice. To showcase a fantastic practice, a marvelous website must be developed with robust commitment and professionalism. The website must be able to communicate the true spirit and uncompromising integrity of the practice in every sense.

Google says that the bottom line of success in online marketing is to: “Innovate your website content.” Google says this to website developers and marketers: “Think about what additional value you can add (to your website). Is there unique content you can add?

It goes back to the sort of thing where we’re looking for original content, original research, original insight, something that would make the site compelling, something that would make it so that users really like the site, they’d bookmark it, they’d tell their friends about it, they’d come back to it, they really enjoy the site.”

However, many plastic surgery practices make the common mistake of creating content for the search engines, and not for their localized target audience. Google and other search engines have already developed highly sophisticated search algorithms that can identify websites with superior site design and accurate, relevant, current, and patient-friendly content.

Google continues to impress upon online marketing professionals that they should invest their time in creating world class content rather than trying to unravel the secrets of search algorithms and try to manipulate higher search rankings. Therefore, straightforward and genuine websites and other online marketing efforts that address the queries of the patients in the most effective and compelling manner will always achieve higher rankings than those that try to do a superficial job. Services

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