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There are various ways to market a medical practice. Some of these marketing techniques include search engine marketing, direct mailing, and social media engagement. In this article, let us examine some of the best marketing ideas to promote your practice.

  1. Explore Ways to Attract Patients from Local Businesses

Whether it is a large employer in your area or a small business across the street, it presents an opportunity for you to attract new patients. This could be an ideal marketing opportunity if you are already providing services to some of their employees.

Create a list of names of the local companies in your area. Investing time in your local chamber of commerce is a good idea to add more names to your list. Furthermore, talk to your friends and family for ideas and connections to help grow the list of company names.

You can speak to existing patients of companies that you want to target to understand who the decision makers for these organizations are and connect with appropriate individuals to discuss opportunities to hold talks, participate in health fairs, or engage in other employee-related activities.

  1. Use Facebook Advertisements to Give Away Low-Cost Services for Free

Using Facebook ads to give away low-cost services for free can help introduce more patients to your practice. Offer these patients an excellent first experience to engage them with your practice. This strategy involves giving away free, low-ticket services to get prospective customers to try your services.

If the customer has a good first-visit, then they would naturally want to revisit the practice. This strategy is ideal for any medical practice. For instance, the free low-ticket service could include free teeth cleaning at a dental practice or a free physical at a primary care physician’s office.

  1. Create Media Exposure for Your Practice

Effective media exposure can create a large number of new customers rapidly as well as increase the brand image of your practice. However, creating media exposure is frequently underutilized or overlooked in the area of medical marketing.

This occurs as generating media exposure involves investing time, following up, and garnering a detailed understanding of how editors, writers, and producers operate. Media exposure can lead to huge gains in your practice when done efficiently.

  1. Establish Your Own Reputation Management System

Prospective patients assess multiple reviews when seeking a doctor. Medical professionals who create a reputation management platform can automate review requests, enhance the frequency of good reviews, and diffuse the effects of negative reviews.

Furthermore, patients also visit various websites for information and reviews on doctors, including Google, Yelp, and HealthGrades. A review management platform guides patients to reviews that are most advantageous for the practice and help make a cross-platform favorable impression on patients.

  1. Ensure that You Claim All Practitioner Profiles

Many medical practices do not pay attention to their practitioner’s listings. Listings on sites such as Google My Business, Foursquare, Bing, and HealthGrades will allow a local listing for the practice along with a practitioner listing.

While this helps SEO by creating additional citations, it also enables the practitioner to claim and manage their listing to preserve their online reputation.

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