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The leading Internet marketing and search engine optimization company for doctors, CreativeTakeMedical.com has launched a new breast surgery website for Dr. Bradley Hubbard in Dallas. CreativeTake has extensive experience in developing plastic surgery marketing campaigns online for doctors across the United States. Design and development of a keyword-rich, search engine optimized website lies at the core of CT Medical’s online promotion strategies.

CreativeTake has more than 15 years of experience in the business, and it has already helped many medical professionals build and expand the market for their practices in their local area. CT Medical’s online marketing strategies are designed to achieve top search rankings for its clients’ websites. It is the most comprehensive and effective way to reach out to potential patients in the local area where the practice is located.

Website for Dr. Bradley Hubbard

Dr. Bradley Hubbard is an experienced plastic surgeon providing aesthetic, revision, and reconstructive breast procedures for several years. Dr. Hubbard already has a professional relationship with CreativeTake for his plastic surgery endeavors. He needed to launch a new website for his private practice in order to disseminate useful information to local patients and serve the goals of plastic surgery marketing at the same time.



CreativeTake designed and developed a unique website called DallasBreastSurgery.com, which has an exclusive focus on various breast surgery procedures. The website serves as an excellent educational and informational resource for new patients who may be considering breast surgery for cosmetic, revisionary, or reconstructive purposes.

About Dr. Hubbard

CT Medical knows from experience that the most important section of a doctor’s website in most cases is the “bio” section. This section should provide in-depth details about the doctor’s academic qualifications, specializations, experience, awards and achievements, and general background. New patients typically like to know something about the doctor before they may make up their mind about visiting the practice for a consultation.

CreativeTake has ensured that DallasBreastSurgery.com contains detailed and accurate information about Dr. Hubbard, who specializes as a plastic surgeon in the area of cosmetic, reconstructive and revision breast surgery. New patients can gain insights about him and learn something about his approach and commitment to plastic surgery.

About Breast Surgery

The team of creative experts at CT Medical made sure that Dr. Hubbard’s site includes the most relevant and effective information about various breast surgery procedures provided at the practice. These include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast augmentation with lift, breast revision, and breast reconstruction surgeries.

There is a dedicated section on the website for frequently asked questions on breast surgery. Patients who are considering these procedures can receive answers to some of their common queries and concerns through this section even before they decide to visit Dr. Hubbard’s office for a personal consultation. The site includes information about the recovery process involved in breast surgery and potential risks that may be associated with these procedures. The goal of the website is to educate new patients about all possible aspects of the surgery, and help them make informed choices.

CreativeTakeMedical.com Services


CreativeTake Medical aims to provide a 360 degree customer experience to all its clients, including monitoring and analysis of their web marketing campaigns. Any successful online marketing strategy must empower the client with insightful information about what may work best to promote their practice through computers, tablets and mobile phones. It must be able to identify the areas of challenge, and focus maximum effort on those areas to achieve more comprehensive results in terms of gaining targeted exposure with the least investment of time, money and effort.

Website Optimization Technology

Take the guess work out of website optimization, conversion analysis and usability research. Knowing how visitors use your website will enable you better target specific audiences, improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion.

CreativeTake Medical can provide you with this technology to analyze the performance of your online forms, keep visitors engaged in page content, and lead them through the conversion process.

Insights about Your Website Interactions

When a potential patient visits a doctor’s website, the goal of the web marketer must be to maximize the value from every single visitor and ensure that they keep coming back to the site in future. This is important for successful conversion of a site visitor into an actual client. This can be achieved when the website owner or the doctor has the ability to see exactly what the visitors do on their website, and how they engage and interact with the site.

This technology allow you to optimize your website conversion rates and usability through a detailed analysis of the behavior and engagement of site visitors. The goal is to analyze the visitor’s every single move, click and scroll of the mouse in order to re-adapt and re-define the web strategy for optimal results. You will know what parts of your website are most visited, which web pages are more clicked on, looked at, and interacted with by average online visitors.

You will be able to understand what type of content is producing the maximum reader response in terms of the time spent and engagement levels with such content. You will also learn what kind of content the readers are not interested in. Therefore, your content strategy can be tailored to match with the readers’ needs along with a focus on maximum trending content areas. The response to any special offers, banners, icons, buttons, images, and videos can also be gauged to evaluate the most effective areas of focus.

Mobile Analytics

Medical websites that are effectively optimized for mobile phones tend to have enhanced client satisfaction and higher conversion rates. CT Medical helps develop mobile friendly website designs that are prioritized to draw maximum benefit from the limited screen space of the mobile devices. Calls to action ought to be clearly noticeable in the viewport to achieve greater results from mobile marketing. Users should be able to navigate the website across multiple mobile device platforms seamlessly. These are critical areas where CreativeTake can help the doctors.

Link Analytics

Doctors must know how their site visitors respond to and interact with their website hyperlinks. Link analytics can provide useful information with the regard to the number of clicks and the percentage of clicks on each link. The website should include the popular links more prominently and unresponsive links may gradually be replaced with more effective ones.

clicktale heat image map of a website page

Use heat imaging to pinpoint most popular sections of your website pages.