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What is The Difference Between Customizable And Custom Sites

What's The Difference Between Customizable & Custom Sites | Palm DesertCustom websites are made specifically with the client’s needs in mind and are unique. On the other hand, customizable sites are template-based and have a generic appearance.

Customizable Sites are Similar to Fast Food

Customizable sites can be thought of like the Chipotle restaurants. A patron waits in line and creates their meal from set ingredients. Similarly, customizable websites are templates with set layouts. 

The user may be able to change the colors and pictures, but the site will appear similar to many other websites due to the templates. This is similar to how Chipotle’s burritos and bowls differ marginally in ingredients.

Templates essentially allow users to take their content and plug it into a set layout. If the end result is not to your liking, you will not have the flexibility to make the necessary changes. At times, a user can customize the layout themselves, but only after paying the company for the template along with the ability to change it. 

Custom Websites are Similar to Engaging a Personal Chef

In comparison to customizable sites, custom sites are in an entirely different class. Rather than going to Chipotle for dinner, custom medical and dental sites are similar to having Chef Rick Bayless cook a meal for you in your own kitchen. 

The chef would use the choicest ingredients, understand your likes and dislikes, and create a unique dish that works for your palate. This would impress your guests, and they would enjoy the time spent with you. Ultimately, you would want visitors to your website to have a similar experience. A custom website is designed depending on the mission and needs of the practice. 

Custom Site: Value

Apart from the apparent top-to-bottom customization missing from template-based websites, customizable designs also present other limitations that have a direct impact on the patient base. In general, these platforms do not have a strong support system capable of quickly resolving emergencies, such as a hacked site or a buggy user experience. 

Besides, whatever technical assistance that these template services offer will not likely deliver the quality of service that a custom website and digital marketing company would provide. The consumer base of template-based companies is usually so extensive that they have less incentive to offer superior services. 

Custom-made websites reinforce the brand and address concerns that the practice will become similar to competitors’ sites due to the use of the same website design. With a custom site, you are not only paying for an appealing, tailored website but also investing in tools to grow your practice.

What experience do you want your patients to have?

The practice website is a virtual storefront. How do you want it to look, and what experience do you want your visitors to have? Understanding the difference between custom and customizable sites can help you decide on the type of site that best complements your practice. Services

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