New Website Design for Cleveland Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bram Kaufman

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

New Website Design for Cleveland Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bram KaufmanCreativeTake Medical has recently launched a new website,, for board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bram Kaufman.

The site has been designed to serve as an in-depth resource for information on various advanced cosmetic surgery procedures.

This website has been developed to be patient-friendly and easy to navigate. It features content that has been written and presented in a straightforward manner but ensuring that the integrity and quality of the medical information remain intact.

CreativeTake’s specialized team of content developers and website designers have created a unique look for Dr. Kaufman’s portal to present his practice in a professional and distinctive manner.

Section on ‘Dr. Kaufman’

The new site features a comprehensive section on the plastic surgeon, titled “Dr. Kaufman.” This section presents current and pertinent information on the surgeon.

Typically, new patients are interested in the doctor’s background, qualifications, achievement, and experience.

CT Medical understands from its extensive experience that prospective patients often spend a significant amount of time on this section and make a decision on seeking a consultation with the surgeon based on how they feel about the doctor’s history as well as the facilities and services that the practice offers.

Therefore, CreativeTake Medical’s team focuses significant time and energy on this section. Dr. Kaufman’s background, education, qualifications, and experience have been presented in a concise and matter-of-fact manner, which makes it easier for patients to quickly understand the depth of his training and experience.

Section on Procedures

Another important section on is the “procedures” section. This section provides patients with detailed information on the specific procedure(s) that they seek.

The section is divided into five sub-sections, i.e., face, body, breast, hand surgery, and skin. Each of these sub-sections further features various procedures related to a specific body area.

Upon clicking on a procedure that a prospective patient is interested in, they arrive at a page that offers detailed information on that specific service. Patients can gather more details about procedures through these specific pages and attain a basic idea of the procedure as well as facilitate a more effective consultation with Dr. Kaufman.

Photo Gallery has a detailed photo gallery, which is organized according to specific procedures. New patients can review this section to develop realistic expectations on what they can or cannot expect from a specific procedure.

This enables the patient to achieve more satisfactory outcomes and lessens the possibility of disappointments at a future stage, when it may be difficult to reverse the results of a procedure.

Other Sections

Dr. Kaufman’s website also contains a section titled “Patient Resources.” New patients can fill out an online form to set-up a consultation or ask any questions that they may have. “Plastic Surgery Information” and “Breast Implant Resources” are also a part of the “Patient Resources” section.

It offers patients further information on these procedures as well as post-operative care instructions enlisted according to specific procedures.

The “Contact Us” section offers information on the multiple office locations along with directions. This section also features an informative blog page.

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