How to Add/Claim Your Google My Business Listing And Optimize It

Guide to Google My Business Pages

How to Add/Claim Your Google My Business Listing And Optimize ItGoogle uses company information to refine local searches and assist users in finding relevant local companies. Therefore, creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing will allow your company to show up in places like Google Search and Google Maps. This is an ideal starting point for any new company seeking local exposure.

Creating your Google My Business Listing


It is quite simple to create a new business listing. Ensure that you enter the correct company details and locate the most relevant category to assign it to.

This will help create the most relevant listing possible. It is also important to verify your business immediately, usually through email, phone, or post. Otherwise, the listing and changes will not appear on Google.

The business owner or manager should fill-in all the details that Google requires. This is a valuable source of information for prospective customers. Some details that you will need to include in your listing are:

How to Add/Claim Your Google My Business Listing And Optimize ItBusiness Name

Ensure that the business name is consistent both online and offline. This can help customers identify the business easily.


Find a category that is most relevant for your business to provide users with the most appropriate search results to ensure that they find what they are looking for.


Users searching nearby will be able to see your business. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the location details are accurate. In case your move your business to another location, make sure to update your details promptly. You will also need to verify this change.

Opening Hours

Ensure that your business listing is informative and helpful to prospective customers. Provide them with information on when they can visit and contact you.

Phone Number

Users should be able to contact you quickly. For this reason, it is important to provide a number where they can call straight from your Google My Business listing if using a mobile phone.


A majority of people searching Google for your business will want to see your website. Make sure you include your URL in the listing as it is one of the first things that people notice.

Key Suggestions

Be Consistent

The Google algorithm assesses the consistency of how business information is entered across various sites to determine the legitimacy of listings. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the business details are consistent.

Use a Local Phone Number

If you use a phone number with local area code, it signifies to Google that your company is definitely situated in the local area. This lends an extra measure of legitimacy to your business listing.

Follow Google’s Guidelines

Google can suspend listings that do not follow the guidelines for business representation. You should avoid things such as loading your business name field with keywords, using URLs that redirect to your company website URL, and providing an address that it is not your physical office space or storefront.

Enhancing your Listing

After covering all the basics, it is essential to enhance your Google My Business listing with some of the helpful tools available. A good listing contains a lot of useful information, links, and visuals and is more likely to appeal to potential customers.

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