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Mobile Sites

A mobile site is a benefit to both you and your customers. It makes your website easier for them to view, and allows them an easier way to navigate on a mobile device. By providing this to your customers, they will stay on your mobile website longer and be more inclined to buy from you or call.

Quick Contact On Mobile Devices

Mobile websites give your customer a clear call to action. By adding click to contact phone numbers, click to contact emails, and click to view social media buttons, you give your customer a quick and easy way to contact your business from a mobile device. This is something that a non-mobile friendly website does not offer.

Repeat Mobile Visits

By going mobile with your website you will experience more repeat visitors from both traditional browser traffic and mobile browser traffic. 59% of customers sometimes visit a site on mobile, but follow up on a pc. 34% of customers visit a site on pc, but follow up on mobile. See the value?

Mobile Website Competitive Advantage

Three years ago, most small business’s did not plan for mobile. Now, more than ever, people are seeing the value of mobile friendly websites. With record sales of mobile devices, more and more people are browsing from their mobile device. There is a competitive advantage to those who adopt a mobile website soon. By making your site easier for mobile users to navigate, you set yourself aside from your competitor’s sites that are hard to navigate.

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Mobile Website Examples:

Dr. Suzanne M. Quardt

Dr. David R. Milstein

Daniel Paul Ph.D. F.I.P.A.

Dr. Carolyn Kassabian