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Mobile Internet Marketing

Mobile Internet Marketing for Medical ProfessionalsIn recent years, Internet use via mobile devices has grown exponentially, leading to a paradigm shift in medical marketing plans and strategies. Almost every research study on the subject has indicated that desktop based online searches are on the decline and users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to search the Web. SEO strategies need to be adapted to this new mobile era in order to achieve the desired results for a website.

CreativeTake Medical, the renowned online marketing, website design, content development and SEO firm for doctors in the United States, was among the earliest ones to recognize the growing power of mobile, and adjusted its marketing strategies accordingly.

What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is essentially the mobile version of a regular website. It is typically a condensed website designed for mobile users. It has larger buttons for easy touch-based clicks, shorter blurbs of text, and sharper images.

Google recommends webmasters to create only a single website with mobile compatibility or responsive website design. This way the user is not required to manage two separate websites, and the search engines do not need to identify the two sites separately or get confused about content duplication.

Need for a Mobile Friendly Website

Many people prefer to search or surf the Web via their mobile devices for convenience. Research studies suggest that people who use mobile Web on the go are more likely to follow up their online activity with actual purchase actions. Therefore, businesses and professionals have increasingly recognized the need to upgrade their websites and make them mobile friendly.

If a user opens a regular website on their mobile device, the site’s pages may not fit appropriately on the mobile screen. Navigating through the site may be more difficult because the navigation buttons have not been designed for multiple screens. As a result, the user is more likely to exit the site quickly from their mobile device, and look for other alternatives.

Growing Mobile Usage

At present, the mobile subscribers around the world already exceed six billion, which translates to nearly 90% of the population. In all, about 1.2 billion users access the Web through their mobile devices. In the US, more than 25% of the users access the Web only via mobile devices.

Social networking websites are among the most popular Web destinations for mobile users. This effectively means that a doctor’s practice with a strong social media presence can make a better impact on mobile users. In terms of search engine optimization too, mobile compatibility can provide a boost to the doctor’s SEO efforts.

One in seven online searches on major search engines such as Google is now received from mobile devices. Mobile search has grown four times over the last one year alone. Another important data for marketers is that over 70% of smartphone users perform a mobile search immediately after viewing a mobile ad or online listing of a product or service of their interest. Therefore, mobile marketing can ultimately yield higher results in terms of actual traffic of patients to a doctor’s practice.

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