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Nearly 93 percent of all online activities begin at a search engine. Therefore, it becomes critically important to achieve high search engine rankings for your practice as a part of your medical marketing strategy. Most healthcare practices operate as independent, local businesses, which makes it even more important to maintain high quality information on Google for local search.

CreativeTake Medical is a leading website design, SEO and online marketing company focusing exclusively on medical professionals in the US. CT Medical has provided some useful guidelines to help ensure that your business is represented appropriately on Google and your medical practice information is included correctly and prominently on Google My Business:

Basic Guidelines

Make sure that your medical practice is represented on Google My Business just the same way as it is represented in the real world across stationery, signage, website, and other forms of branding. The address must be precise and accurate. In Google Business, select the fewest number of categories it takes to describe your core practice.


On the practice owner or their authorized representatives are eligible to verify and manage their business information on Google My Business. In case you wish to share access to your local business page with someone else, you will have to add them as a manager.

Your authorized representative should never claim a business listing without your consent as a practice owner. They should work directly with you to complete verification. They must not make false, misleading or unrealistic claims. They must always follow Google’s official guidelines for representing your practice on Google.

Your practice website and phone number for your listing on Google My Business should always be the single, authoritative website, and phone number for your business, and should be verifiable by you as a business owner. The website content must be owned and managed by you as a business owner.

Guidelines for Medical Professionals

An individual medical practitioner is a public facing professional, typically with their own client base. Your business page on Google as a practitioner may include title or degree certification, such as Dr. or MD. As an individual medical practitioner, you should create your own dedicated page if:

  • You operate in a public facing role.
  • You are directly reachable or contactable at the verified location during your state business hours.
  • You should not have multiple pages to cover all of your specializations.

Multiple Practitioners at a Single Location

If you are one of several public facing medical professionals at your location:

  • The page for this location should be created by the organization, separate from your own page as a practitioner.
  • Your page as a practitioner should be titled with your name, excluding that of the organization.

Marketing Guidelines

Any medical marketing activity, promotions, contests or other giveaways should clearly link to the terms of the activity and offer clear qualifications and guidelines. Whatever promises or commitments are made explicitly or implicitly should be adhered to. Any failure to follow Google’s guidelines may lead to account suspension and removal of the business information from Google’s search results which could be a disaster for your business essentially.

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