Innovative SEO Strategies for Medical Professionals

SEO Strategies

Innovative SEO Strategies for Medical ProfessionalsWith increasing business competition, medical marketing has become critically important for new and established healthcare practices alike. Online marketing and SEO have emerged as the most useful and cost-effective strategies to promote a doctor’s practice in recent years.

CreativeTake Medical is a well-known firm providing dedicated Internet marketing, SEO and website design services to doctors in the United States. Here are some of the most valuable and innovative SEO strategies that recommends for doctors looking to promote their practices online:

Identify Targeted Keywords

Choose the most appropriate, localized keywords that potential patients in the local are likely to search for. Once a short-list of targeted keywords has been prepared, it should be tested with the help of Google’s Keyword Planner to determine their popularity and effectiveness.

During keyword analysis, the goal should be to choose the ones that generate at least 200 to 10,000 local monthly searches. Once the keyword filtration process is completed, these keywords should be used organically across various web pages.

Create Appropriate SEO Tags

The SEO tags refer to HTML meta title tags and descriptions that exist between the opening and closing head tags in the HTML code of a web page. These tags should aptly describe the theme of the page, and should include relevant keywords. These tags help search engine crawlers to index the web pages appropriately.

Develop Compelling Content

Content quality has emerged as the most important requirement to achieve high page rankings on Google and other search engines. The content for online medical marketing must be original, accurate, relevant, and interesting for the average readers.

The site should contain enriched content in the form of images, videos, infographics, and attractive formats such as blogs, interviews, case studies, white papers, press releases and news related to the medical industry.

Include a Sitemap

Sitemap appears to be a simple addition, but is often overlooked by many websites. A good sitemap will not only provide ease of navigation to the visitors, but also enable search engine crawlers to index all the web pages of the site appropriately. Google’s official webmaster guidelines recommend the inclusion of a sitemap one every website.

Build Presence on Multiple Search Verticals

Most doctors and healthcare marketers tend to focus only on developing a good website design and content for their practice. However, other search related verticals such as images, videos, blogs, slide shows, mobile search, and social media networks offer very strong opportunities for doctors to rank high and have a greater presence on the Internet.

Focus on Local Search

A localized, mobile friendly online experience can help achieve very effective results in terms of search engine optimization for a doctor’s website. Focusing on local search is critical because most healthcare practices cater to the needs of patients living in nearby areas.

The practice should have an active presence on Google+ as well as listing on various healthcare related online directories and websites. In terms of actual conversions and patient traffic to the doctor’s office, local search will play the most pivotal role.

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