Snapchat for Plastic Surgery Marketing | Online Marketing | ChicagoSnapchat has emerged as one of the popular social media platforms across various age groups. Ads on Snapchat garner up to a million views a days, and their video views now often exceed those of Facebook’s. With a majority of users accessing social media via mobile phones, Snapchat has another advantage because three out of five smartphone owners now use Snapchat.

For a plastic surgeon looking to promote their practice over social media, Snapchat’s reach and accessibility offers an attractive option. Although many plastic surgery professionals continue to assume that only selective people would be interested in their practice, and social media is not the best fit for them, but some Snapchat users are proving them wrong.

One of the leading examples is of Dr. Miami, who is from the cosmetic surgery industry, and who has scored a huge advantage over his peers with the help of Snapchat. His Snapchat receives an astonishing 100,000 views per hour on average. CreativeTake Medical can help and guide plastic surgeons who want to seize the opportunity and reach out to their target audience via social media channels such as Snapchat and others.


Benefits and Limitations

For cosmetic surgeons who are completely new to Snapchat, here is a small list of pros and cons to consider:


  • It can help your practice brand achieve a more human-like feel on a digital platform.
  • It can present and promote the plastic surgeon’s credentials and expertise through testimonials of past patients.
  • It can provide information and spread awareness about the surgeon’s practice as well as new procedures for prospective patients.
  • It enables the surgeon to be more communicative and transparent with their target audience.
  • It can help to encourage and reassure people who are reluctant to consider cosmetic surgery.



  • The unique feature of Snapchat compared to other social media channels is that it can only be viewed through an app. So, the surgeon can only reach out to committed users who have downloaded the app.
  • Snapchat has another unique characteristic that the content on the app will not be left there permanently. Therefore, it can be an exhausting exercise to regularly update fresh content.

Plastic surgeons should also be aware that nearly 70 percent of Snapchat users are in the age group of 18 to 35. However, the remaining 30 percent are likely to be in the older age groups.


Tips for Success on Snapchat

  • Provide access to a live surgery to showcase the surgeon’s work. Obtain advance consent of the interested viewers, have music playing in the background during surgery, and have the surgeon talk about the procedure.
  • Promote treatments and procedures through contests and special promotions. Provide exclusive offers such as: “Use this exclusive Snapchat code to receive 20% off on Botox.”
  • Designate specific days for a Q&A session, where you encourage viewers to send in their questions via Snapchat.

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Customer Service Secrets

the hand shakeWhen it comes to marketing, one does not really need to reinvent the wheel. Smart marketers often draw inspiration from tried and tested ideas that have worked successfully and produced dramatic results for others in the business. Medical professionals can employ these ideas and strategies to promote their practices and gain an edge over competition.

Luxury brands invest large amounts to understand consumer psyche and then create their customer service guiding principles, programs, and strategies to win their loyalty. Customer loyalty constitutes the foundation of their success in business. They offer innovative customer support and service, which customers appreciate and remember long after the purchase has been made.

The 10-Foot Rule

The Four Seasons chain of hotels has created certain rules for its employees. If you are an employee at the hotel, and you are 10 feet from a guest, you will make eye contact and give a warm smile. If you are five feet from the guest, you add a greeting and a friendly gesture.

This simple rule is a part of the Four Seasons’ ‘Golden Rule’ to make every guest feel like royalty. The Golden Rule is simply the idea that if you treat people well, the way you would like to be treated, they will do the same.

The Grandma Standard

Crown and Caliber, the online marketplace for luxury pre-owned watches follows what it calls the “Grandma Standard.” When working with a customer, their team has the mentality of: “What if this customer was my grandma or grandpa? How would I treat them?”

Empathy is the governing factor behind everything that their customer service team does while engaging with customers. Empathetic customer service reps make owners feel comfortable placing their beloved watches in the safe hands of the company.

Use Your Good Judgment

Nordstrom trains its employees to use their good judgment in a given situation. As the legend goes, a Nordstrom security guard once saw a woman crawling on the floor looking for a lost diamond from her engagement ring. He joined the search, crawling on the floor, and also asked other workers to join.

Eventually, they started opening the dust bags from the store’s vacuum cleaners, and while sifting through the dust, they found the diamond. With this level customer service, how could a competitor steal their customers?

The Best or Nothing

Mercedes Benz sets a goal of offering “the best or nothing” to its customers. The company seeks customer feedback to make strategic decisions about everything from creating new services to refining the way its dealers engage with customers. For instance, based on customer requests for quicker service, the company launched an expedited maintenance service called Premier Express.

24/7 Availability

Luxury jewelry and watchmaker Faberge delivers outstanding customer service by way of offer 24×7 availability. The company’s vice president Jon Omer says that he gives every client his business card with his personal mobile phone number. Customers can call and text him at all hours. The company outperforms its competitors in terms of accessibility and dependability with this 24×7 rule. Services

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