How to Create The Best Instagram Business Profile Page For Your Medical Practice

Instagram is a very popular digital platform where over 300 million users share their videos, photos, and stories every day. Instagram has grown tremendously in recent years, and this has presented marketers and business owners with one important question-how can

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Common Problems Found on Medical Websites

Many medical professionals have excellent websites. They are at par with modern website design and offer users good browsing experience. But there are also many really bad medical websites out there. They are either unappealing, challenging to use, or both.

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CreativeTake Winter 2019 Newsletter

Need a new medical website or redesign? We can help. Is your site over 3 years old?  We would like to help you jump start your medical practice marketing by offering 25% OFF a new practice website or a redesign of an older

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New Trends for Website Design

Here are some of the top trends in medical and cosmetic surgery website design for 2019:   Web Animation Animation is instrumental in making it easier for people to understand ideas and interfaces. Time is short in today’s world, and

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7 Digital Marketing Tasks You Need To Do in 2019

 (If you haven’t already) 1. Convert your Website site to HTTPS. This should of been done over 2 years ago but we see so many sites that have not. See “Is Your Website Secure and HIPAA Compliant?” for more information.

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Video Marketing & Social Media Strategies

Everyone Watches Videos You need video because it is how consumers are consuming content. People browsing the Internet have a short attention span, and videos allow visitors to consume more content, faster. Visitors are much more apt to engage with

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Medical Website Design – What’s New at CreativeTake Medical?

Website Design First Impressions Matter Dr. Geoffrey Keyes – In Development This elegant, sleek design captures the warmth and professionalism of Dr. Geoffrey Keyes’ plastic surgery practice. The contrast of white font on blue and gray tones along with beautiful, sophisticated

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The Benefits of Adding Video Content to Your Website

For search engine optimization (SEO) and brand awareness, video marketing is just as essential as the written content on your website. In fact, it might be even more crucial. According to current trends, video consumption today is the highest it

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How to Out Rank Competitors in Tougher SEO Markets

It may be exceptionally difficult to acquire high search rankings to stay ahead of the competition in popular markets. It is not realistic to expect to reach the absolute top in search results within a short duration. SEO marketing involves

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Things to Avoid When Building a Review Strategy

Consumers increasingly seek rich, insightful, and updated information when they look for information on maps, search engines, and smart devices. Today, consumers want information such as “What is the best pizza place open now?” rather than merely being satisfied with

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