Groupons: Do they really attract new patients?

Companies such as Groupon and Living Social offer attractive daily deals on various products and services. These sites can serve as a strategic tool for the growth of your medical practice and generate a new patient base. To gain a

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Partnership Marketing: Gain Access to New Potential Patients

Partnership Marketing for Your Medical Practice In an era of professional alliances, partnerships, and networking, medical practitioners should considering entering into marketing pacts with synergistic partners for mutual benefit. For instance, a gym or a health club can have a

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Use the Customer Service Secrets of the World’s Leading Luxury Brands

Customer Service Secrets When it comes to marketing, one does not really need to reinvent the wheel. Smart marketers often draw inspiration from tried and tested ideas that have worked successfully and produced dramatic results for others in the business.

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We Track Your Marketing ROI

CreativeTake Medical’s partnership with ReachLocal provides our clients with cutting edge technology that helps you track your marketing return on investment (ROI). ReachEdge from ReachLocal gives you the ability to see how your marketing is really working and helps you

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10 Strategies to Market and Promote Your Plastic Surgery Medical Practice

In a highly competitive online market environment, a plastic surgery practice must follow a comprehensive digital marketing plan in order to have an edge among the local competitors. CreativeTake Medical offers cutting edge solutions in online medical marketing, website design

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CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website CreativeTake Medical has now launched a new, comprehensive website for Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, called The website is designed to serve the dual purpose of educating people about ketamine IV therapies as well as familiarizing them with

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Google updates Penguin Algorithm, Now in Real Time

Google regularly updates its search algorithms to ensure that the web pages that best answer a search user’s query are shown in the top results. Therefore, SEO experts must be constantly in touch with the changes, updates or adjustments to

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Google has Started Ranking ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Sites even Higher

Over the last few years, Google has aggressively moved to adapt its search algorithms to the phenomenal growth of mobile search. It continues to adjust itself to the mobile-led online search environment, and has also launched a comprehensive mobile-friendly search

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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Better?

The most effective and time-tested way to achieve medical marketing success is through online promotion and search engine optimization. A robust SEO strategy begins with a unique and user-friendly website design, and the doctor’s website will be at the center

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Medical Marketing Solutions

Healthcare practices are ideally suited for online medical marketing solutions because of the affordability and high penetration and reach of Internet, mobile, and social media. CreativeTake Medical is one of the leaders in this field, providing cutting edge online marketing

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