New Website Design for Sungate Insurance Agency in Orlando

New Website Design for Sungate Insurance Agency in Orlando

CreativeTake Medical Launches New Website

CreativeTake Medical has been a leader in the pursuit of online marketing excellence for insurance providers across the US for over two decades. They have helped hundreds of financial and insurance agencies and firms accomplish their business goals and objectives.

CT Medical recently launched a new website for SunGate Insurance Agency, which is located in Lake Mary, Florida. SunGate Insurance is dedicated to offering personalized client service and this dedication now comes across their easy-to-navigate, responsive, and informative website.

Website for SunGate Insurance Agency

SunGate Insurance are large enough to offer diversified insurance coverage for all types of needs. However, they are still small enough to offer personalized solutions and individual attention that is non-existent with large-sized insurance firms. CT Medical understood the needs of this insurance firm before creating a website that bespoke of their business objectives. is warm and inviting. The language and terminology on the site is consciously kept simple so that everyone can understand things easily. A challenge with most diverse insurance providers is to categorize everything so that there is no room left for confusion. CTM achieved this by creating individual webpages on the site specifically focused on the various types of insurances on the menu: Business, Personal, and Group Benefits.

They even created a separate “Services” tab to make it easy for current customers to take care of routine tasks. For instance, clients can make a payment, report a claim, update contact information, request policy information or take out complimentary insurance right from the site. This allows SunGate Insurance to free up resources otherwise tied down in dealing with customers on the phone or other modes.

In-depth Understanding of Various Services

CT Medical understands from two decades of experience that most visitors to an insurance website are shopping around. They have probably looked at dozens of other sites and are hoping to close a deal. This is why the core of CTM’s online promotion strategies involves development and design of search engine optimized and keyword-rich site.

At the same time, offers precise, informative, relevant, and in-depth information about different insurance types in a client friendly language. This makes it easy for clients to review the information and make the best decision for them.

Call-to-action Buttons

In the insurance business, it is imperative to not lose even a single lead. This is why CreativeTake Medical added several non-interfering CTA buttons throughout the content. Site visitors feel taken cared of from the first page. Things only get better as they move to the services page where each insurance type is explained in detail.

CT Medical has included a “contact us” page for potential customers to know where SunGate Insurance is located and how they can get in touch with them.

CreativeTake Medical has decades of experience in the area of online marketing. Our innovative web design, content, and search engine marketing teams continue to deliver outstanding work for our clients and help them achieve their business goals. We aspire to attain top search engine rankings for every web page in a client’s website, and maintain those rankings over time.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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Plastic Surgery Market: Opportunities, Future Trends, Key Players, Market Share And Global Analysis

Plastic Surgery Market

The global plastic surgery market has witnessed steadfast growth in the past few years. It is expected to continue gaining traction throughout 2020 and into the coming years. This is majorly due to a growing increase in the number of patients opening to the idea of cosmetic procedures, such as breast reduction, chin augmentation, and breast augmentation.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) chin augmentation and breast reduction are among the most popular surgical procedures undertaken in the United States.

Plastic Surgery Market: Opportunities and Trends

There are several technological advancements made in the techniques of plastic surgery. This has pushed the cosmetic surgery market towards a world of innovation involving minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures. There is a rapid improvement in cosmetic treatment procedures done globally with an increase in altogether awareness.

Major growth driver in 2020 for the global market stems from an integral desire in people to look better. Affordability and an acceptance within the society for aesthetic procedures fuel the industry too. Major opportunities are coming from an increase in the overall numbers of certified service providers with the field becoming a highly lucrative option.

Application over a large patient population group and lower costs of procedure are something to look forward to in the coming years. There has been a significant rise in the number of geriatric people opting for plastic surgery in recent years. This trend is expected to grow manifold in the next five years. This is a key driver for the global plastic surgery market.

Plastic surgery market is bolstered with a growing demand among the young to retain and enhance their beauty. However, a swiftly developing trend in the industry is procedures among obese and over-weight people. Technological advancements are expected to keep fueling the growth and offer multiple opportunities in the next few years.

Key Players in the Plastic Surgery Industry

The global plastic surgery market has several contenders and key players. The market has two major segments: surgical and non-surgical. The surgical category includes breast augmentation, eyelid surgery liposuction, nasal surgery, and tummy tucks surgeries while the non-surgical procedures include hair removal and photo rejuvenation among others.

Few of the top players in the industry on a global scale are Allergan, BioForm Medical, Solta Medical, Candela, Lumenis, and Cynosure among others. There are several regional players and the ones that specialize in their particular segments.

Global Analysis

It is projected that the plastic surgery market shall increase at the rate of 7.8% CAGR to become a $21.97 billion (US) market by 2025. It is anticipated to rise steadily between the period 2020 and 2026 with numerous technological advancements taking place. There will be a rise in the adoption of new methods and strategies by key players.

Geographically, Europe and North America are expected to be major global players in the plastic surgery market. This is owing to a steady rise in the number of aging people and a high adoption rate of cosmetic products. South Korea and Japan could also become large players in the plastic surgery market as well.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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How to Add Text Messaging to Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing Text Option

Text messaging has taken over the world as the most used communication form. People prefer texting over calling or other forms of communication. You need to include it to your Google My Business listing if you haven’t already because:

  • 90% consumers like using text for communicating with businesses
  • Only about 50% businesses can handle any type of messaging

Over 60% of 5 billion Google searches come from mobile users each day. The tech giant wants businesses to incorporate text handling to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. People like texting and they are already on their phones when searching your business. The obvious thing would be to become available on text so that they can find and interact with your business easier.

Google has allowed GMB users to add Messaging as part of their listing. This will become part of both Google Maps listing and your Google search listing. Mobile searchers will be able to easily send you texts directly from the listing.

Adding Text Messaging to Google My Business Listing

  1. You will need to login to your My Business account and click on ‘Messaging’. The option will be in the left hand menu. Google My Business Listing users that have an ‘Owner’ level permission can view and access this. You can always confirm your permission levels through the Users tab.
  2. Enter the number where you can receive texts. Make sure the number is on hand because Google will send a confirmation code to it.
  3. The next step is to add your greeting or response. This is the default message that senders will receive once they text you from the search listings. You can say something like, “Thank you for getting in touch with us. We will get back to you shortly!”

This message will be sent only when your potential customers text you using the messaging app. This message will not be sent if they use their standard SMS carrier.

  1. You will need to confirm your number. A confirmation code will be sent by Google to the textable number you provided. You are ready to start receiving text messages instantly through Google My Business Listing once you enter the code correctly.

Note: A different number will usually show when someone hits the ‘Send a Message’ button. The message shall still come to the number entered by you. Google does this to track the time taken by you to typically respond to texts. The time is displayed in the search results to let users anticipate better.

Drive Leads from Organic Search

All searchers would need to do is click on the ‘Send a Message’ button and it will automatically open a text addressed to the business. This is a salient way of driving leads straight from organic search results. You don’t lose out on customer intent and can always follow up even if they forget or get distracted.

You can easily manage your text conversations in one place by using available tools. Add your number to Google My Business Listings today to let your potential customers contact your business directly with their intent.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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Google My Business (GMB) Can Drive More Traffic For Your Plastic Surgery Medical Practice

Your Google Listing Can Drive More Site Traffic

Google My Business (GMB) now has new, user-friendly features that you can utilize to your maximum advantage to promote your plastic surgery or medical practice. With some creativity, GMB can help ensure that your practice web page stands out in the crowd and generates more localized traffic and conversions.

Create a Plan to Monitor Performance

Before you start, you should have a proper plan in place to assess how your GMB practice page is performing. The GMB dashboard has a tab for “Insights” where you can access the data related to your page for the previous week, month or quarter.

You can segment GMB traffic from the general traffic by using Google Analytics. Once your page tracking and key performance indicators (KPIs) are in place, you should focus on boosting your practice profile.

Add Posts, Offers, Videos, CTA to Your GMB Page

Google My Business allows you to post blogs, articles and images, which remain valid for one week. You can also include headlines and descriptions if you are just going to post images. It has a “Call to Action” button that you can use effectively to encourage visitors to take desired action.

For example, you can place a Call to Action as “Learn More”. When visitors click on this button, they can come to your practice website landing page. These are usually highly engaged target audience who would be interested in knowing more about what your practice has to offer them.

GMB now also lets you create an “Offer Post.” Here you can feature any special offer and set the dates for which the offer is valid. You may add coupon codes that can help users redeem the offer.

Video is one of the less utilized features of GMB. You can maximize engagement with potential patients by presenting videos that educate them about various procedures and services you offer at your practice.


To ensure your GMB page remains dynamic, you should pay attention to what type of questions your patients are asking. By successfully addressing their concerns, you can build trusted relationships. Google My Business also offers an “Answer Text” service.

Your plastic surgery or medical practice would have to opt-in to this service, provided you have a dedicated staff member who can answer texts. You may consider enabling this feature to improve direct communication between your practice and potential patients.

GMB Appointment Scheduling

If your practice website has an online appointment scheduling software program, you can integrate it with Google My Business. Even otherwise, GMB allows you to encourage visitors to book an appointment online.

This can serve as a strong call to action, particularly for non-invasive treatments that may not require much due diligence on part of the patient. Your existing patients may also use GMB to book appointments if they happen to visit your page.

Google Search Visibility

A strong and active presence on Google My Business will eventually enhance the prospects of the online visibility of your plastic surgery or medical practice in Google Search results. Google search algorithm will evaluate the kind of user engagement your GMB page is drawing and use the inputs to determine your search rankings.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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SEO For Plastic Surgeons – Free Online Assessment‎

SEO For Plastic Surgeons

An online SEO assessment of your website, also known as an SEO audit or SEO analysis, will provide you a clear idea of where your website is positioned in terms of search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO online assessment for your plastic surgery website will give you insights into which site pages are well-optimized for search engines, and which ones need more work in that area.

You will also understand what elements in your current plastic surgery SEO strategy are working, and what could be your key hurdles that are stopping your website from ranking on top for important keywords. Choose an experienced SEO agency that is willing to provide you a free online assessment, and guide you correctly about your website promotion and SEO strategy.

How Visible is Your Website in Google Search?

Online assessment is the vital starting point in SEO for plastic surgeons because it will tell you how is your website ranking in Google Search for general and localized keywords. You need to know how many of your site pages are ranking well, and what might be your overall site visibility on Google.

Home page is generally the most important page that you would like your plastic surgery website to rank for. Other key pages may include the “About Us” page, “Contact Us” page, and services pages that describe the various plastic surgery services and procedures you may be offering to your patients.

Check Meta Descriptions and URLs

Your site audit should include a check on whether you are using short or long URLs for your site pages. If the URLs are too long, complicated or irrelevant, your SEO agency should edit and optimize them for better search visibility.

Search engine bots will have a better and quicker understanding of what a particular web page on your plastic surgery website is all about if the URL is short and accurate. But while editing URLs, your SEO provider should also take into account whether it will adversely impact the linking benefits of the old URL.

Your web page meta descriptions should correctly sum up what a particular page is about, and should also include targeted primary and secondary keywords. Your SEO agency can edit meta descriptions if it is found in the site audit that the existing descriptions are inaccurate or ineffective.

Assess Inbound and Internal Links

Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are a vital part of SEO. These are links to your plastic surgery website that are hyperlinked on another website. The quality and number of your backlinks provides an indication to Google whether your website is a reputable and trusted source of information for Google Search users.

This can have a strong impact on your SEO rankings. If your backlinks are too few or are of dubious quality, it could bring down your site visibility in search results. You also need to check out the internal links within your plastic surgery website. These are the links that help your site visitors navigate other relevant pages when they are visiting a particular web page on your site.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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Local SEO And Website Design For Plastic Surgeons in Seattle, Washington

Digital Medical Marketing Plastic Surgeons in Seattle, Washington

Ever since the information revolution happened with the proliferation of broadband internet and smartphones, consumers in every field have become far more aware and feel empowered to make their own choices.

Depending on referrals from other medical professionals, word of mouth publicity from existing patients, and placing traditional ads in yellow pages are no longer sufficient to promote your plastic surgery practice successfully in Seattle, Washington.

To ably compete as a plastic surgeon in your local area, and to increase your patient reach, you need to invest in building a dynamic plastic surgery website backed by a solid local SEO strategy. In absence of these efforts, your competition is likely to move ahead of you sooner or later.

The best time to act on this goal is now because once the competition seizes the lead in Google search rankings for Seattle, Washington, it will require far more effort to dislodge them from their online position and establish your online visibility and leadership.

Pre-requisites for a Successful Site Design and Local SEO

As a first step, you need to select a professional SEO agency with proven credentials and a long track record of working with plastic surgeons for website design and local SEO. With the right SEO company by your side, you can focus on what you do best – serving your patients in and around Seattle with exceptional results in plastic surgery.

The marketing and promotion of your practice through your website and local SEO will be taken care of the reliable agency that you have chosen. Here are some of the key elements of your local SEO campaign along with a creatively designed and content-rich plastic surgery website that will help your practice reach the top in terms of online visibility and online reputation.

Localized Keyword Optimization

Your website content, including the home page, service pages (plastic surgery procedures), contact us page, and other web pages should be optimized with local keywords. Your focus should be to reach out to potential patients in and around Seattle, WA.

A smart SEO service provider will maximize their efforts and resources in promoting local SEO rather than extending the efforts far and wide, which may not result in a high conversion rate (actual patients visiting your practice, and not just a high number of visitors coming to your website from distant places).

Google My Business

The Google My Business page for your plastic surgery website in Seattle, Washington is a type of mini website that will show up in the “Map” section of Google listings. It attracts localized visitors who will have an opportunity to review the kind plastic surgery procedures and services you offer, where your office is located, what are the timings, and how they can contact you for making an appointment.

High Quality Backlinks and Citations

A citation refers to an online directory listing of your plastic surgery practice in Seattle, WA. Backlinks are inbound links from authoritative websites that are engaged with you in one way or the other. Google rankings are influenced by these factors to determine your search rankings for local search results in Seattle

About CreativeTake Medical

CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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How to choose the best agency for your plastic surgery SEO?

Plastic Surgery SEO

In a competitive market environment, you need the right SEO agency to help promote your plastic surgery practice in your local area. If you rush into the process, chances are that you may end up with an SEO service provider that is not a good fit for you, or fails to deliver on your goal of increasing your reach to your target audience.

Here are a few key steps that should help you choose the best agency for a successful plastic surgery SEO strategy:

Consider the SEO Provider’s Specialization

Any SEO company can make bold claims, but you should make your own evaluation by looking at their actual performance for similar clients in the past. Do they have a focused specialization in the area of plastic surgery SEO, or do they provide services for all types of industries.

Plastic surgery is not a commodity business, and you need an SEO expert with dedicated knowledge and understanding of your area. This is only possible when they are exclusively focusing on providing SEO services for cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

Take a look at their past clients and the kind of websites they have created. If the bulk of their work is in the area of plastic surgery, it is worth considering that agency.

Are the Past Clients Satisfied with the Company?

You should ask the SEO service provider whether they have plastic surgeons that have stayed with them for years. If the SEO agency has loyal clients and continues to receive repeat work from at least some of those clients, it indicates that the company enjoys a high level of satisfaction from its clients.

Take a look at the client testimonials to get an insight into the experience of past clients with the SEO agency. Check out the websites of some of the plastic surgeons for whom the SEO agency has worked in the past. The quality of their work and the actual results in terms of Google visibility of those clients will give you a fair amount of understanding about the performance ability of the SEO agency you are considering.

The SEO Agency Checklist

Tools and Technology

Discuss with the potential SEO service provider what kind of tools and technology they will use to get your SEO campaign rolling. Do they have a team of website designers, content developers, and site analysts to deliver successful outcomes and put your plastic surgery practice ahead of your competition?

Monthly or Annual Results

Many unreliable SEO providers will shy away from reporting monthly or annual results of your campaign. You need to select an SEO partner that is committed about keeping you informed about the trajectory of your SEO campaign. If they are proactive about communicating to you in a transparent manner, and address all your questions in a satisfactory manner, it reflects on their professionalism and dedication

Finally, make sure you are working with a plastic surgery SEO agency that enjoys a solid reputation in the market. If other cosmetic and plastic surgeons have good things to say about them, and the agency is recognized as one of the leaders in the field, they could be the right choice for you

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Is On The Rise

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

There has been a remarkable increase in the number of plastic surgeries in the last decade. According to new data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2019 as many as 18 million people underwent minimally invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures. This figure has increased by a quarter from 2018.

Cosmetic surgeries have been on a steady rise for the past 5 years. However, it’s critical to note that cosmetic and plastic surgeries are different from each other, even though the terms are used interchangeably.

Plastic surgeries focus on reconstructing body parts that have been damaged due to burns, trauma, or disease. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand deals with body enhancement.

What motivates people to choose cosmetic surgery?

The author of a United Kingdom study analyzed a questionnaire of 204 participants to identify the driving factors of cosmetic surgeries. The questionnaire included several questions from various categories, such as life satisfaction, self-esteem, religiosity, media consumption, self-rated physical attractiveness, and general attitude towards cosmetic surgeries.

The idea behind the study was to allow researchers to understand the influencing factors behind a person choosing the path towards cosmetic or plastic surgery. The researchers were also keen to identify the factors that primarily affected a person’s perceived benefits from the procedure.

The results showed that low self-esteem and religious beliefs were the driving factors. These were significant predictors of a person opting in for cosmetic surgery. Predictors for a person’s perceived benefits included media consumption, religiousness, biological sex, and life satisfaction.

The findings highlighted that women who rated their life satisfaction, self-esteem, or attractiveness low were more likely to undergo cosmetic surgeries. These women were also seen to have higher media exposure and fewer religious beliefs.

The number of men considering cosmetic surgery was far more as compared to women, although, women were more attracted to the concept.

The study significantly underlined the powerful effects of religiousness and media exposure. People who are more religious tend to perceive cosmetic surgery to be in contrast with their beliefs. People with high media exposure are more vulnerable to believing that cosmetic surgery has significant benefits.

Top 5 cosmetic procedures 

The top five cosmetic procedures of 2019 as reported by the ASPS were:

  • 313,735 procedures – Breast augmentation
  • 258,558 procedures – Liposuction
  • 213,780 procedures – Nose reshaping
  • 206,529 procedures – Eyelid surgery
  • 130,081 procedures – Tummy tuck

While liposuction and breast augmentation rose by 5 and 4% respectively from 2018, there was a slight decrease in the number of facial procedures.

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have also increased in 2019 as compared to 2018. Soft tissue fillers, botulinum toxin type A (Botox), and chemical peels are the three most popular types. These have been up by almost 2% since 2018.

The focus is on individuality

ASPS data shows that in 2019, three out of five procedures were focused on individuality and enhancing body looks. The number of breast augmentation procedures increased by 13,000, while surgeons performed 12,000 more liposuctions during the year. These are not trends but aspects of our culture.

The marginal decrease in the number of facial procedures can be attributed to the popularity of available alternative options, such as eyelid puffiness improvement and non-surgical nose reshaping.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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Digital Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

Digital Marketing

There was a time when newspapers ads, billboards, magazines, TV commercials, and radio spots were enough to attract new patients looking for a plastic surgery. However, with the advent of the internet and an increasing digital world, traditional marketing strategies are in need of an overhaul. Political campaigns all the way to shoe companies know all about this, for example.

This short guide will explain the steps involved with digital marketing for plastic surgeons.

Attract new patients

Traditional marketing methods involve prospects to approach the medium to actually consume the advertisement. However, digital marketing is a fresh technique wherein brands can approach their potential clientele right where they are. However, there is tremendous research that goes into this.

You need to know the answer to the following questions to identify your targeted patients:

  • What is the age bracket?
  • What is their occupation?
  • How does their family equation look?
  • What interests them? Or what drives them?

You can develop a basic persona of the ideal patient using these details. This is something like developing a background for your favorite TV show character. You need to build your marketing strategy around these targeted personas and address their desires and needs.

The “attraction” stage is an important step to the success of the whole strategy.

Induce conversions

Attracting new patients is just the tip of the iceberg. The real work starts when you have their attention and need to keep them engaged. This requires publishing multiple content pieces across a variety of channels. It is important that content is created to add value and provide information.

Few examples of content include:

  • Blog posts describing a liposuction
  • Social media ad linking to an infographic that provides skin care tips
  • E-book on what to expect after your first face lift
  • Video about different types of breast augmentation

By delivering tailored content that informs, educates, and adds value to the target audience, you can convert an attracted persona into a qualified “lead”.

Closing the deal

Now that your efforts to develop a rapport with your audience has paid off, and they have successfully turned into a qualified lead (with the right contact details), it is time to close the deal. You can guide them towards choosing your clinic for their procedure with the help of decision-focused content.

Few examples include:

  • A sequence of emails explaining their desired procedure, credentials of the surgeon, video testimonials, before and after photos, and finance options.
  • An eBook explaining the procedure in detail, with potential side effects and benefits associated with it. The book could also detail the prep procedure, what to expect before and after, scarring, recovery details, and a short bio of the surgeon.

This step in digital marketing is focused on tipping the scales in your favor. You have already established rapport and trust. Now, you need to negotiate and encourage a decision.

Delight the patient

This stage is devoted to delighting the patients after the procedure is done. You begin by asking the patient whether everything was satisfactory. If yes, encourage them for online testimonials. If not, understand how things could have been carried out in a better manner. You can invite them to future engagements as well to build lasting relationships.

About CreativeTake Medical

CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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Types of Content That Will Drive More Traffic to Your Medical Website And Social Media

Content That Will Drive More Traffic

If content marketing is in the early stages for your practice, it’s an astute idea to launch your blog and start creating content.

After the blog is established and well-received, you can throw in a new type of content. This can create immediate differences in terms of new traffic, targeted visitors, better SEO, and higher conversion rates.

The following types of content can drive more traffic to your practice website as well as social media profiles:

Blog Series

Blogs are great for various reasons, including providing targeted audiences with tremendous value by exploring a specific topic in-depth over time.

Blogs are also excellent for search engines as you will have multiple posts/pages of content on a topic. This will increase your authority on that specific topic for search engine crawlers, which are the bots that scan portals to rank them appropriately.


Longer-form content should be protected or only available when visitors provide their email addresses. This allows you to move more prospective patients into your marketing funnel and move them down the pipeline to becoming new patients. Ebooks can be an extension of blog series or offer technical specifications of procedures from your practitioners.


A majority of people are visual learners. This is the reason for the immense popularity of infographics. It is a good idea to create infographics based on statistics that pertain to your practice, such as the number of procedures and which types are undertaken annually.

Infographics can also be instructional in nature, such as what to expect during the recovery phase and how family and friends can be of assistance.


While it may seem old school to some, particularly given the developments in technology, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, but email still remains one of the most effective types of online marketing.

It makes sense to keep both previous and prospective patients in your email list. Newsletters can be used to share popular blog posts, patient testimonials, staff member introduction video, and other content that you have worked hard to create. This will enable your practice to remain top on mind, even in cases where the recipients are not routinely visiting your site.


Videos are incredibly effective, which explains their soaring popularity. Videos are 12 times more likely to be seen in comparison to text, and content containing videos is 50 times more likely to make it to the first page of Google search results.


Memes are very popular today as they are easy to create, capable of becoming viral, and can often be hilarious. Humor is one of the significant advantages of memes. People enjoy something that makes them laugh, and they can get a kick out of.

You do not need graphic design skills to create memes, and there are sites that allow users to add their own text to popular meme visuals. While memes may not be suitable for blogs, they are primed for social media platforms. This enables them to spread rapidly.

The suggestions we have discussed in this post can work to boost the brand image of your practice. Good online content certainly helps improve SEO rankings, but it also increases the leads and helps convert prospects to actual customers.

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CreativeTake Medical is a full-service Website Design and Digital Internet Marketing company with decades of combined experience in the medical and e-marketing industries.

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